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    312604 - MiKiDo Ruff & Tumble

    Ages 3-5. Want your child to develop skills in teamwork, focus and fitness? Build a foundation in these important life skills in a lively, fun martial arts-infused program. The four major components of fitness are emphasized: endurance, flexibility, strength and coordination.

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    Add to Cart312604-01MiKiDo Ruff & Tumble01/19/19- 03/23/19 9:50A- 10:50ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$165/$200Item DetailsAvailable

    312605 - Karate Gymboree

    Ages 3 1/2--5. Hereís whatís happening at the fun house! Itís Sesame Street the martial arts way! With over 100 martial arts related games and learning activities designed to tap into specific mental and physical growth areas, toddlers will play as they grow and learn as they play.

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    Read Notice312605-01Karate Gymboree01/22/19- 03/12/1910:30A- 11:15ATuCharles Houston Rec$79/$114Item DetailsCancelled

    312606 - Lil' Yogis

    Ages 3-5. Designed for a gentle flow to develop a strong yoga foundation, this class offers new or seasoned yogis poses with animal names that are paried with our favorite children's music.

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    Read Notice312606-01Lil' Yogis01/26/19- 03/09/19 9:15A- 10:00ASaLee Center$89/$124Item DetailsCancelled
    Add to Cart312606-02Lil' Yogis01/29/19- 03/12/19 6:00P- 6:45PTuChinquapin Rec Ctr$89/$124Item DetailsAvailable

    312613 - WCRB Karate

    Ages 6-11. During this beginner session we will be concentrating on self Ė discipline. Here are some of the things your child will take away from session One: Sustained concentration, Self restraint, Maximum focused attention when educators are talking, How to follow through on instruction unsupervised and more!

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    Add to Cart312613-01WCRB Karate01/15/19- 04/09/19 6:15P- 7:00PTuCharles Houston Rec$115/$150Item DetailsAvailable

    313100 - Functional Fitness for Older Adults

    Ages 50 & up. Improve your independence and meet your functional goals. Help improve upper and lower body strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Safe and effective physical activity improves your physical health and enhances psychological well-being.

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    Read Notice313100-01Functional Fitness For Older Adults01/15/19- 04/11/19 9:05A- 10:05ATu, ThCharles Houston Rec$255/$290Item DetailsFull

    313101 - Cardio, Sculpt, and Core

    Ages 18 & up. Work your body, burn calories, and get stronger muscles! Cardio movements are blended with balance and controlled muscle movements that may not be fast, but are very powerful! Build muscle power to increase strength, and tone upper and lower body.

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    Add to Cart313101-01Cardio, Sculpt, and Core01/14/19- 04/10/19 6:05A- 7:00AM, WChinquapin Rec Ctr$195/$230Item DetailsAvailable

    313102 - PiYo Power Core and More

    Ages 16 & up. Streamline your body! Improve strength, balance, flexibility and mind/body awareness. A powerful mix of muscle toning, yoga and the Joseph Pilates method combine strengthening exercises to firm muscles and abdominals. Meditations, deep stretches and breathing exercises relax the mind and body.

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    Add to Cart313102-01PiYo Power Core and More01/18/19- 04/12/19 7:00A- 7:45AFChinquapin Rec Ctr$145/$180Item DetailsAvailable

    313103 - Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dance

    Ages 18 & up. Combine stretching & flexibility, core work, strength training and aerobic exercise into each class. Choreographed to upbeat and motivating music, participate at your own level for a safe, effective, get-it-all-together approach to fitness. Bring mat for floorwork; optional handheld weights. ACE Certified.

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    Add to Cart313103-01Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dance01/14/19- 03/20/1910:15A- 11:15AM, WLee Center$205/$240Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart313103-02Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dance01/14/19- 03/22/1910:15A- 11:15AM, W, FLee Center$289/$324Item DetailsAvailable

    313104 - Yoga in the Morning

    Ages 18 & up. Start the day off right and reduce stress. Practice posture and breathing techniques to reduce tension, improve circulation and learn to relax. Bring a towel or mat.

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    Add to Cart313104-01Yoga in the Morning01/15/19- 04/11/19 9:15A- 10:15ATu, ThChinquapin Rec Ctr$259/$294Item DetailsAvailable

    313106 - To Yoga

    Ages 18 & up. Time to relax. Breathe. Roll your shoulders. Stretch your spine. Physical therapy is mixed with yoga and a little humor. Connect not only your mind and body, but also connect with a great group of fellow students.

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    Add to Cart313106-01To Yoga01/14/19- 04/08/19 6:45P- 7:45PMChinquapin Rec Ctr$125/$160Item DetailsAvailable

    313107 - Zumba

    Ages 16 & up. Ditch the workout and party! Zumba infuses Latin Dances such as salsa, meringue, bachata, samba, reggaeton and even modern day hip-hop. This intense workout helps you lose weight while having fun and learning basic Latin moves.

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    Add to Cart313107-01Zumba01/14/19- 04/08/19 6:15P- 7:15PMCharles Houston Rec$115/$150Item DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice313107-02Zumba02/07/19- 03/21/19 6:30P- 7:15PThLee Center$75/$110Item DetailsCancelled

    313109 - Dynamic Three: Barre, Pilates, Yoga

    Ages 18 & up. Focus on powerful and precise movements using a ball, weights, and bands. Fundamentals of centering, breathing, concentration, and precision are performed with focused muscle contractions. The class is low-impact and each toning section is followed by stretching in order to create long, lean supple muscles.

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    Add to Cart313109-01Dynamic Three: Barre, Pilates, Yoga01/14/19- 04/10/19 6:30A- 7:15AM, WChinquapin Rec Ctr$195/$230Item DetailsAvailable

    313110 - FXP Sculpt, Stretch, & Hoop

    Ages 18 & up. Fuse Pilates, Barre and Yoga-inspired moves iwth a 2-pound hula hoop. Sweat and smile through the unique flow of HIIT sequences to tone, sculpt, and stretch the body. Bring a yoga mat; hula hoops provided.

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    Add to Cart313110-01FXP Sculpt, Stretch, & Hoop01/14/19- 03/04/19 6:45P- 7:45PMCharles Houston Rec$75/$110Item DetailsAvailable

    313111 - Tai Chi

    Ages 18 & up. Looking for a way to reduce stress? Consider tai chi! Originally developed for self-defense, tai chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. Often described as meditation in motion, tai chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements.

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    Add to Cart313111-01Tai Chi01/16/19- 04/10/19 3:15P- 4:15PWChinquapin Rec Ctr$149/$184Item DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice313111-02Tai Chi01/17/19- 04/11/1910:30A- 11:30AThCharles Houston Rec$149/$184Item DetailsCancelled

    313112 - Pilates

    Ages 18 & up. Create long, lean muscles with a blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture and reduces stress.

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    Add to Cart313112-01Pilates01/14/19- 04/08/19 5:45P- 6:30PMCharles Houston Rec$119/$154Item DetailsAvailable

    313113 - Essentrics:Age Reversal Stretch

    Ages 18 & up. Age reversing workout increases joint movement,flexibility,strength,relieves pain, increases energy. Full body workout based on tai chiís flowing movements for balanced health; balletís theories for long, lean muscles, and healing powers of physiotherapy. By author of Aging Backwards and PBS show/book titled Forever Painless. BRING A MAT.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart313113-01Essentrics:Age Reversal Stretch01/16/19- 04/10/1910:30A- 11:30AWCharles Houston Rec$145/$180Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart313113-02Eccentrics: Age Reversing Stretch01/17/19- 04/11/19 6:00P- 7:00PThChinquapin Rec Ctr$145/$180Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart313113-03Eccentrics: Age Reversing Stretch01/17/19- 04/11/19 7:15P- 8:15PThChinquapin Rec Ctr$145/$180Item DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice313113-04Essentrics:Age Rever01/22/19- 04/09/1911:00A- 12:00PTuWilliam Ramsay Rec$135/$170Item DetailsCancelled

    313115 - Vinyasa Yoga

    Ages 18 & up. In this transformative style of yoga practice in moving meditation, linking poses with the flow of the breath, music, mantra and yoga philosophy. You will move at a steady pace building heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, and untlimately, inner stillness.

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    Add to Cart313115-01Vinyasa Yoga01/16/19- 04/10/19 9:05A- 9:50AWCharles Houston Rec$135/$170Item DetailsAvailable

    313116 - Total Body Burn

    Ages 18 & up. Incorporate strength and cardio segments for a total body workout with fun music and energy. Condition, strengthen and tone some of the biggest muscle groups. All levels welcome.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313116-01Total Body Burn01/15/19- 04/02/1911:00A- 11:45ATuChinquapin Rec Ctr$139/$174Item DetailsCancelled

    313117 - Cardio Dance Fit

    Ages 18 & up. Groove through this high intensity cardio total body workout with dance and music mix. Finishing with strength and muscle building workout targeting core, upper body, and lower body. Floor mats recommended but not always needed.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313117-01Cardio Dance Fit01/23/19- 03/20/19 8:00P- 8:45PWCharles Houston Rec$125/$160Item DetailsCancelled

    313119 - Step and Sculpt

    Ages 18 & Up. Want a fun way to sculpt your body? Simple, heart-pumping step aerobics routines combine with strength training intervals to give you a complete cardio and weights workout. Ideal for all skill and fitness levels.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313119-01Step and Sculpt01/16/19- 04/03/19 9:30A- 10:15AWChinquapin Rec Ctr$139/$174Item DetailsCancelled

    313120 - Easy Aerobics

    Ages 18 & Up. Get fit while you sit! This combination of aerobic activity, strength building and stretching is suitable for all ages and fitness levels but is designed for lower impact.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313120-01Easy Aerobics01/16/19- 04/03/1910:30A- 11:15AWChinquapin Rec Ctr$109/$144Item DetailsCancelled

    313122 - Stretch it Out

    Ages 55 & Up. Improve and maintain strength, flexibility, and balance while emphasizing good postural alignment and relaxation.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart313122-01Stretch it Out01/17/19- 04/04/1910:00A- 10:45AThChick Armstrong Rec$119/$154Item DetailsAvailable

    313123 - "Werk" it Out

    Ages 18 & up. Shake it, pop it, shimmy it down...You would be surprised! One hour of calorie-blasting bliss. Youíll burn calories without even realizing you are working hard, because itís so much fun. Carefully selected music and choreography will keep your mind and body engaged.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313123-01"Werk" it Out02/07/19- 03/21/19 7:30P- 8:30PThLee Center$125/$160Item DetailsCancelled

    313124 - Ropes, Bands, & Balls

    Ages 18 & Up. Challenge yourself with ropes for cardio, bands for resistance training, and balls for core. Gain endurance and muscle. This class will hlep you improve muscular strength, endurance and promotes functional independence.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313124-01Ropes, Bands,& Balls01/30/19- 04/03/19 6:00P- 6:45PWCharles Houston Rec$95/$130Item DetailsCancelled

    313126 - Gentle Yoga

    Ages 18 & up. Practice longer held supine & supported poses that help increase body awareness, pacify the senses and calm the mind. Will require props: blankets, blocks and straps, bolster and chairs are a plus.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart313126-01Gentle Yoga01/14/19- 04/08/1911:00A- 12:00PMCharles Houston Rec$119/$154Item DetailsAvailable

    313128 - Cardio Kickboxing

    Ages 18 & up. Isolates muscles, and places just the right amount of stress on them to cause the muscles to work harder and burn more fat. Workouts include: Rhythmic kickboxing routines, light weight lifting routines, calisthenics, rope jumping, shadow boxing, punching and kicking pads and more!!!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart313128-01Cardio Kickboxing01/15/19- 04/09/19 7:15P- 8:00PTuCharles Houston Rec$115/$150Item DetailsAvailable

    313129 - Me, Baby, and Yoga

    Ages 18 & up. Combine yoga and play to get back in shape while strengthening the bond between you and your infant. Experience flowing and challenging postures and calming restorative time in a playful safe environment for babies.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313129-01Me, Baby, and Yoga01/24/19- 04/04/1910:30A- 11:15AThChinquapin Rec Ctr$125/$160Item DetailsCancelled

    313133 - Hips,Hamstrings,& Abs

    Ages 18 & up. Open and stretch tight or weak hips, hamstring and ab muscles. A light five minute cardiovascular workout is followed by exercises to increase awareness and set the foundation for abdominal strength, and body mechanics that balance abs, hop flex and hamstrings. This is a great compliment to any yoga or cardiovascular workout and is especially great for athletes and runners.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313133-01Hips,Hamstrings,& Ab01/31/19- 03/14/19 5:45P- 6:30PThCharles Houston Rec$65/$100Item DetailsCancelled

    313134 - Pre-Natal Yoga

    Ages 18 & up. With this combination of strengthening and stretching, you will learn effective breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, fetal positioning for labor, hip openers, as well as postures to release tension in the neck, shoulders, and back

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313134-01Pre-Natal Yoga01/31/19- 03/14/1911:00A- 11:45AThMt. Vernon Rec Ctr$129/$164Item DetailsCancelled
    Read Notice313134-02Pre-Natal Yoga01/30/19- 03/13/19 6:30P- 7:15PWLee Center$129/$164Item DetailsCancelled

    313603 - Boxercise Level I

    Ages 18 & up. Learn basic self-defense tactics while getting in shape. This beginner level class is fun and low impact boxercise class that will help muscle toning, weight loss, and strength and conditioning while building and enhancing your self-esteem.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice313603-01Boxercise Level 101/08/19- 02/14/19 6:30P- 7:30PTu, ThCharles Houston Rec$85/$35Item DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart313603-02Boxercise Level 102/26/19- 04/04/19 6:30P- 7:30PTu, ThCharles Houston Rec$85/$120Item DetailsAvailable

    313604 - Boxercise Level II

    Ages 18 & up. This fun and effective form of cross-training incorporates a combination of boxing movements and aerobics while improving rhythm and coordination! Focus on upper body conditioning; cardiovascular fitness; and toning your arms, chest and abs. Box your way through a great workout!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart313604-01Boxercise Level II01/07/19- 02/20/19 6:30P- 7:30PM, WCharles Houston Rec$85/$120Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart313604-02Boxercise Level II02/25/19- 04/03/19 6:30P- 7:30PM, WCharles Houston Rec$85/$120Item DetailsAvailable

    313801 - Senior Workout with Ms. Lynn

    Ages 55 & up. Seniors, improve your posture and balance, strengthen your muscles, learn how to minimize or eliminate aches and pains, and increase your flexibility. Learn the many exercises that can be done while seated in a chair, leaning against a wall, or lying in the bed. Instructor Ms. Lynn. Min 6/Max 20.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart313801-01Senior Workout with Ms. Lynn01/17/19- 02/21/1911:00A- 11:45AThMt. Vernon Rec Ctr$49/$84Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart313801-02Senior Workout with Ms. Lynn03/07/19- 04/11/1911:00A- 11:45AThMt. Vernon Rec Ctr$49/$84Item DetailsAvailable

    314100 - Senior Body Part Aerobics

    Ages 55 & up. Tone and sculpt your body with a low-impact physical workout with slow everyday movements. Use chairs and steps to increase balance and coordination. Designed for senior health and wellness but all ages are welcome. Min 4/ Max 20. Non class on 1/15/18 and 2/19/18.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314100-01Senior Body Part Aerobics01/04/19- 03/29/1910:00A- 11:00AM, FWilliam Ramsay Rec$84/$109Item DetailsAvailable

    314102 - Adult Weight Training

    Ages 18 & up. Burn calories, strengthen and tone muscles and improve flexibility with cardio and weight circuit training. Increase your endurance while getting fit! Min 4/ Max 20.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314102-01Adult Weight Training01/10/19- 03/28/19 7:00P- 8:00PThWilliam Ramsay Rec$109/$144Item DetailsAvailable

    314103 - Walk & Fit Training

    Ages 18 & up. Enjoy a circuit training workout that will help firm and sculpt your body and enhance cardiovascular strength, with the use of weights and resistance bands to increase your strength.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314103-01Walk & Fit Training01/09/19- 03/27/1910:00A- 11:00AWWilliam Ramsay Rec$109/$134Item DetailsAvailable

    314104 - Senior Weight Training

    Ages 55 & up. Seniors, strengthen and tone muscles while improving flexibility. This cardio and weight training work out is designed for older adults to increase endurance and burn calories using a supervised timed interval system. Min 4/Max 20

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314104-01 Sr Weight Training01/09/19- 03/27/1912:00P- 1:00PWWilliam Ramsay Rec$109/$144Item DetailsAvailable

    314106 - Hip Hop Fitness

    Ages 13 & Up. Burn fat while haviing fun! Firm and sculp your body to hip hop with a timed interval system to increase endurance, burn calories, strengthen muscles, toning and flexibility. Instructor Rodney Bates. Min 4/ Max 20

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314106-01Hip Hop Fitness01/08/19- 03/26/19 7:00P- 8:00PTuWilliam Ramsay Rec$109Item DetailsAvailable

    314112 - Senior LineDance

    Ages 55 & up. Seniors, improve endurance, balance, circulation, memory, and socialization through easy and fun line dance. Participants will be led by an experienced and qualified instructor.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314112-01Senior LineDance01/04/19- 03/22/1911:30A- 12:30PFWilliam Ramsay Rec$109/$144Item DetailsAvailable

    314200 - AM Interval Training

    Ages 18 & up. Join us for a fun and fit hour guaranteed to start your day right. Diverse sets of interval training start with a warm-up and continue with graduated intense exercises interspersed with rest periods. This is a great workout to strengthen the whole body and burn calories. Instructor For Every Body Fitness.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice314200-01AM Interval Training01/08/19- 04/11/19 6:05A- 7:00ATu, ThChinquapin Rec Ctr$279/$314Item DetailsCancelled

    314203 - Personal Training

    Ages 18 & up. Certified trainers can design a private, customized exercise program just for you, then provide guidance on proper form and technique. $199 for package of 4 one-hour sessions, $59 for 1 one-hour session. Dates and times by appointment. Please call 703-746-5427 or email to register.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314203-00Personal Training01/02/19- 04/12/19 6:00A- 9:00PM-SuChinquapin Rec Ctr$59/$94Item DetailsAvailable

    314208 - ChinquaCircuit

    Ages 18 & up. Ages 18 & up. Accomplish your weekend fitness goal with a 30-minute full-body circuit incorporating functional strength and cardio training plus stretching. High-energy music and fresh exercises will keep you motivated, and the small group setting will give you more personalized attention from the instructor to ensure proper form. Instructor Jay.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart314208-01ChinquaCircuit01/12/19- 04/06/19 8:15A- 8:45ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$99/$104Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart314208-02ChinquaCircuit01/12/19- 04/06/19 8:55A- 9:25ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$99/$134Item DetailsAvailable

    314209 - Zumbata

    Ages 18 & up. Enjoy Latin-inspired dance with Tabata timing from a certified Zumba and Tabata instructor. The small group setting will give you more personalized attention from the instructor
    to ensure proper form. Instructor Tammy.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice314209-01Zumbata01/16/19- 04/10/1910:30A- 11:30AM, WChinquapin Rec Ctr$205/$240Item DetailsCancelled

    319701 - Jazzercise

    Ages 16 & up. Burn up to 600 calories in one fun and effective total body workout. Combine dance-based cardio with strength training and stretching to sculpt, tone and lengthen muscles for maximum fat burn. Choreographed to todayís hottest music, Jazzercise is a fusion of dancing, aerobic exercise, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing. To register, contact Debbie Lynch at 703.786.6583 or

    Call Debbie Lynch at 703.786.6583 or email for more information. Monthly (Easy Fitness Ticket) $50.00, Walk-in $20.00

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice319701-01Jazzercise01/07/19- 04/08/19 5:15P- 6:15PM, WDurant Arts Center$0/$35Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice319701-02Jazzercise01/07/19- 04/08/19 6:15P- 7:15PM, WDurant Arts Center$0/$35Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice319701-03Jazzercise01/08/19- 04/09/19 5:15P- 6:00PTuDurant Arts Center$0/$35Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice319701-04Jazzercise01/08/19- 04/09/19 6:30P- 7:30PTu, ThCharles Barrett Rec$0/$35Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice319701-05Jazzercise01/10/19- 04/11/19 6:00P- 7:00PThDurant Arts Center$0/$35Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice319701-06Jazzercise01/12/19- 04/13/19 9:00A- 10:00ASaNannie J Lee Rec$0/$35Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice319701-07Jazzercise01/06/19- 04/14/1910:00A- 11:00ASuNannie J Lee Rec$0/$35Item DetailsUnavailable

    319703 - Stroller Strides

    Ages 18 & up. Getting in shape after giving birth can be tough, especially with a baby! This total fitness program includes power walking/running and resistance body toning using a stroller. All you need is your baby, a stroller that isnít prone to tipping, water and a towel or mat for ground exercises. First class is free. Register at, 571.305.2029 or

    To register, visit 571-305-2029 or

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice319703-01Stroller Strides01/02/19- 04/12/19 9:30A- 10:30AM-FLee Center$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice319703-02Stroller Strides01/05/19- 04/20/19 8:30A- 9:30ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    319704 - Fit4Baby

    Fit4Babyģ is a prenatal fitness program for women at any stage of pregnancy. The classes are interval based, combining elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercises and stretching andbalancing exercises. We train and certify our Fit4Babyģ instructors so they are fully equipped to lead pregnant woman in exercises that are safe and appropriate for her changing body.

    To register, visit 571-305-2029 or

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice319704-01Fit4Baby01/02/19- 04/17/19 7:00P- 8:00PWChinquapin Rec Ctr$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    319705 - Sergeant's Fitness Concepts

    18 & up. If you want to get out of the gym and get fit while being outside, then you want our boot camp program! Think Physical Fitness for adults! Each class is one hour long including warm up, calisthenics, strength training and a cool down designed to reduce body fat, increase strength and improve your cardiovascular system! Register at or call 1.888.BOOTCAMP for more details.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice319705-01Sergeant's Fitness Concepts01/07/19- 04/12/19 5:45A- 6:45AM-FChinquapin Park$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    319706 - FIT4MOM

    Ages 18 & up. Fitness classes for every stage of motherhood. All of our classes are designed for every level of fitness Come try out a class for Free! Register at, 571.305.2029 or

    To register, visit 571-305-2029 or

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice319706-01FIT4MOM01/08/19- 04/09/19 9:15A- 10:15ATuCharles Houston Rec$0Item DetailsUnavailable
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