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    334203 - Frogs

    Ages 3-5. Level 1 Introduction to Water Skills. The emphasis at this beginner level is successful water adjustment, safety skills, and floating with support.

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    Read Notice334203-08Frogs02/25/19- 04/01/1912:35P- 1:05PMChinquapin Rec Ctr$89/$124Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334203-09Frogs02/25/19- 04/01/19 4:35P- 5:05PMChinquapin Rec Ctr$89/$124Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334203-10Frogs02/25/19- 04/01/19 5:45P- 6:15PMChinquapin Rec Ctr$89/$124Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334203-11Frogs02/27/19- 04/03/19 4:35P- 5:05PWChinquapin Rec Ctr$89/$124Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334203-12Frogs02/27/19- 04/03/19 5:45P- 6:15PWChinquapin Rec Ctr$89/$124Item DetailsUnavailable

    334204 - Salamanders

    Ages 3-5. Level 2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills. For the child who is independent, with an emphasis on breath control, buoyancy, changing direction, and water safety.

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    Read Notice334204-01Salamanders02/23/19- 03/30/19 8:15A- 8:45ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$89Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334204-02Salamanders02/23/19- 03/30/19 9:25A- 9:55ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$89Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334204-03Salamanders02/23/19- 03/30/1910:45A- 11:15ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$89Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334204-04Salamanders02/23/19- 03/30/1911:20A- 11:50ASaChinquapin Rec Ctr$89Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice334204-05Salamanders02/23/19- 03/30/1911:55A- 12:25PSaChinquapin Rec Ctr$89Item DetailsUnavailable

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